Hiking is a strenuous activity which burns lots of calories, so the body needs lots of energy in an available format.

To meet the demand, energy snacks provide exactly this: light, small, tasty and providing the body with quick energy – plus the sweetness elevates the mood. But despite the vast variety of choices of energy bars and snacks on the market, most are more like candy in terms of how much sugar they contain, plus they’re not cheap.

We love going outdoors with our own energy snack – this is not something complicated to prepare – on the contrary, we make a type of trail mix that is unprocessed, healthier, more balanced, and that fills you up for a longer stretch of time.

Preparation: in a plastic bag, combine 60 grams of almonds, California nuts, and cashews – you can also add hazelnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts, according to your preferences. The nuts we use are not roasted or salted, and for California nuts, pecans and almonds, it is advisable to buy them still in their shells which preserve their freshness better over time. Nuts that have undergone a roasting process lose some of their nutrients and added salt, in addition to being less healthy, makes you very thirsty.

To the nuts, we add big dates – Medjool dates are advised as they are the biggest and juiciest of the dates. Each date weighs about 20-25 grams, so that we have a mixture of about 100 grams or 2 servings of 50 grams for each day of walking. Another advantage of such a mix is that you can snack on it in small amounts at a time.

The combination between the dates and the nuts is powerful. The date is rich with minerals including potassium, magnesium and calcium, and contains dietary fiber which makes for carbohydrates that are readily available to the body and despite its sweetness, the date’s glycemic index is only moderate. The nuts are filling and rich with protein and fats and are high in calories – 100 grams of the nut mixture contains around 650 calories. In conclusion, we get a natural, healthy and unprocessed high-energy snack, that is filling and rich in calories despite its low weight.






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