Sunday, October 25, 2020

About Which Hike


hich Hike was established with the intention of providing the best information about the world’s best hiking trails.

The site was inspired by our great desire to be outdoors. From the mountains and valleys to the forests and lakes, the glaciers and deserts,  coastlines and prairies – each of these nourishes our souls, quiets our minds, and recharges our batteries. 

In our demanding modern lifestyles, full of internal and external noise, we feel a voice deep within calling us to get out into nature, to touch it and allow ourselves to be touched by it: to feel the heat and the cold, the effort of ascent and the tension of descent, the satisfaction of reaching your destination, the excitement of encountering animals, the wonder of spectacular views, the joy of coming upon a water source, the comfort of a simple hot meal at the end of an exhausting day of walking and the natural curiosity that arises when meeting the strangers that are out there hiking, just like us.

Walking, the same simple activity that in daily life primarily serves to get us from one obligation to another, becomes the way in which we experience all of these things. When hiking or trekking, walking is the goal in and of itself. Step after step, breath after breath, we feel the life force inside us begin to awaken and our minds and horizons expand.

In recent years, hiking has become an increasingly popular leisure activity. There are now tens of thousands of miles spread across hundreds of long hiking trails in many countries all over the world. And even if we try our hardest, most of us will likely never manage to experience them all.

This is where we come in. After walking and exploring on 6 continents, in rain and in snow, in sun and wind, heat and cold, and after collecting tips from numerous sources which we crosschecked with the experiences of other hikers, we are proud to present you with this site, which brings together information on the best hiking trails in the world.

We hope that the website will serve as a gateway and a tool, to enable you to more directly experience our breathtaking world. 

Happy trails!

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